Composer of the Day!

Today’s composer of the day is Terry Riley. Today’s composer of the day is Terry Riley. Today’s composer of the day is Terry Riley.

(b. 1935) (b. 1935) (b. 1935)

His famous minimalist piece, In C, premiered in 1964. He worked at the experimental San Francisco Tape Music Center, with Morton Subotnick, Ramon Sender, Pauline Oliveros, and Steve Reich.

In 1970, be began to study with Pandit Pran Nath, the famed North Indian Raga Vocalist. They performed together for numerous years. He is a very spiritual man.

He is quite prolific. He has collaborated with the Kronos Quartet many, many times, resulting in 13 string quartets and other pieces.

You should check out I Like Your Eyes Liberty, a play by Michael McClure with music by Terry. It’s also a web page, in liner-note form.

You should also listen to his music. You should listen to his music. Listen to his music.


Anonymous said...

Terry Riley is awesome.

The string quartet cycle "Salome Dances for Peace" is mind-fucking-blowing, to risk hyperbole.

If I could get a job as a canoninizerer, I would put the above in with the likes of the Grosse Fuga, the 6 Bartoks & the later Carter quartets.

Monster.com doesn't have any listings for a canoninizerer, though-- it seems my influence on the canon will be limited to comments on a blog. Ah, well.

Great selection.

Anonymous said...

Dear Canoninizerererer,

Thank you for the lucidity of your comments, but how can you leave off the stupendously spectacular quartets of THE Michael Haydn, or the effervescent Paul Amadeus Pisk and his unqualified, transcendent, ambulatory masterpiece opus 8, no. 1. And above all, where's Charlemagne fuckin' Palestine?

San Dimas High School footbal Rules!!

PS. Am I being superlative in my superlatives?

Aaron said...

I was just listening to "The Protege."


Sator Arepo said...

Dear Fat Albert,

I gave up some Charlemagne Palestine love for you today.