A Texas-sized Non Sequitur

I forgot to wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day, even the one gay reader. In order to make it up to you, I’m bringing you this little flower, of sorts.

Remember the former president of the Music Critic’s Association of North America, Scott Cantrell? Well, he went to the Valentine’s Day (night) concert presented by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and wrote a review.

Valentine’s Day turned the Dallas Symphony Orchestra into a popular date destination Thursday evening.

Awww. How cute.

Smartly dressed couples swelled the audience,

Love was in the air.

and even a young male pair strode hand-in-hand through the Morton H. Symphony Center lobby. (It’s just a modern time)

“I guess we’ll chock that circus act up to the times are a-changin,” Scott thought to himself, after witnessing such an eye-catching and disturbing display of affection.

I’m glad he explained it; I might’ve gotten the wrong impression, or something. Thanks, Scott.

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!


Empiricus said...

What is this world coming to?

Murderface said...

Makes you wonder if he isn't planing to run for wider office.

Empiricus said...


Murderface said...

Also: Fuck Dallas.