Ooh! I Like Music

I was reading today’s article, in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, by Pierre Ruhe about the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s concertmistress Cecylia Arzewski. She’s retiring, which is a bummer. However, towards the end, there’s a link—a double-underlined, green link with the word “music.” Ooh! I thought to myself. I like music. Let’s see where this link directs me.

Here’s the article. Now click on the link in the article, the one that says “music.”

That made me sad, which is why I’m writing about it. It's also why I'm linking this standard American expression of sadness. Did it make you sad, too?


Addendum: I am sorry to report that the hilariously stupid link has been removed by an editor less than a day later. Someone actually cares.

If you missed it, you were supposed to click on "music" and it directed you to an advertisement for Intel. Stupid and sad, huh?

But I'm not so sad anymore.

Addendum II: I am happily sad again! For some reason, the funny link doesn't like it when it's linked from here. So, in order to witness this absurdity, simply click this then navigate to the article entitled, "Star violinist Arzewski bows out from ASO in style." It'll be happily sad.


Aaron said...

It did. So sad that only an emoticon (typed on a Dell, for fuck's sake) can really express the sadness: