For He's a Jolly Good Fellow!

Jeremy Eichler of the Boston Globe has never been directly in the Detritus spotlight, until today! Congratulations, Jeremy! We knew you could do it.

What exactly did he do? He swiped his Charley Ticket on the Green Line, got off at Copley Square, skipped up the magnificent steps of the Boston Public Library, and found the biggest, oldest and dustiest dictionary known to mankind, closed his eyes, opened to a random page and (eyes closed) pointed to a random word. He then triumphantly skittered home and ferociously typed this lovely adjective-noun pairing.

...interstitial tenderness...

It was something the encores had,

making it clear that [Alfred] Brendel was in no particular hurry to leave the stage.

Goodbye Alfred and HEL-LOOOOOOOO Jeremy!

Seriously, take it easy Alfred.


Sator Arepo said...

Interstitial...(googles)...he was surrounded by tissue fluid?

Empiricus said...

I can't believe nobody called me out for "triumphantly skittered," my delicious joke of the post. Oh well. It was kinda idiomatic.