Hail to the Chief

This lovely bit of prose comes from the former President of the Music Critics Association of North America, 1993-1997.

There’s a tinkly passage for string harmonics and piano diddles, then a jagged dance, and later big oozy slides up and down the strings' fingerboards.

Wow. Former President. Hmm. That’s like when Joseph II said that Mozart used too many notes.

That quip came to mind Friday evening during the world premiere of Robert Xavier Rodriguez’s new piano trio.

No kidding.


Anonymous said...

The "tinkly / diddies" passage is particularly condescending-- not to mention com-fucking-pletely useless.

BTW, Empiricus,
Did you know you linked to the concert preview article instead of the review? On the linked page, you have to click over on the bottom to get the review you quoted.

Empiricus said...

Thanks for the info. I just corrected the mistake. I had both pages open and, apparently, didn't bother to check which address I linked to.