My head just got a flat tire trying to read this one, edited by Johnny Walker.

This the quartet romped through dressed in pirate-like garb and with heavy reliance on a small repertoire of sight gags.

Fortunately, I wasn’t left stranded nor was it all for naught. Johnny Walker previously informed me that the Red Priest Quartet specializes in spoofing baroque music, hence the pirate-like garb—I was ready for the pirate thing. The positive part, however, was when my friendly AA repairperson dispelled any leftover confusion by informing me that when critics refer to a cellist’s “snarling,” it really means “continuo.”

Cellist Angela East, who spent most of the evening unenviably assigned to cellistic snarling, [etc.].

Click here for an example of some snarling (pay close attention to the snarling bass and cello). See? No longer baroque–en down!



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I like my Johnnie Walker over ice after a long day followed by another Johnnie Walker over ice.