Shame on Steve Smith!

I caught NY Times columnist Steve Smith with his hand in the prefabricated, stock sentence jar. He simply pulled one out, and inserted the piece and composer. It originally read:

Countless details surfaced with the impact of fresh revelations during a concluding performance of “__________” by __________, which ebbed and flowed with suitable capriciousness but never lost coherence.

Shame on you! Go to your room! And no TV for a week!


Anonymous said...

Aw, be nice, Steve Smith has 37 career TD's and 5,927 yards.

Nice to know what he does in the off-season though.

(Thought I'd continue with the football thread).

Anonymous said...

You know, I'll grant you that with the composer and piece removed from that line, it really does look like I phoned it in... or perhaps punted, to continue anthonys's football metaphor. But honestly, the piece was Debussy's "La Mer," which was precisely why I selected the words "surfaced," "ebbed" and "flowed." That might not get me off your hook, but at least it suggests I was still awake, no?

Empiricus said...

1) Thanks for taking it with a grain of salt.

2) It must have been a slow classical music review day. I'll admit that it was certainly a bit nitpicky, more so than usual.

3) I'll also let you off our hook. You did seem awake, though a cup of coffee might have helped.

Keep up the good. Cheers!