Up a River with No Dance

The Chicago Sun-Times is really having trouble finding places to put things. Yesterday it was the iTunes thing. Today it’s the Chieftains. Notice, at the top-left, what section you’re in.

Chieftains and guests to play Sunday concert

So it’s being played at the Symphony Center. See them in action. What of it? That doesn’t mean that it should be filed under “classical.” If I were the type of person who liked the Chieftains, I wouldn’t look under “classical” to find them. Would you?

I suggest the “bars and clubs” section. Get it? An Irish stereotype. Whew that was fun.


Aaron said...

Particularly odd given that they have an "offbeat music" section that seems like it would have fit the bill pretty well.

Anonymous said...

If I may proffer an anecdote... for my Beginning Composition class, I require my students to attend and review 3 new music concerts per term. Being the open-eared lover of music that I am, I've placed little regulation on the concerts they choose, only that the concert must feature a piece written after 1950.

To date, I've received a review of a local production of "High School Musical", some contemporary Christian pop group, and Michael Buble.

I hate getting screwed on a technicality.