Castle Grayskull: A Momentary Diversion

I’m no expert on opera, admittedly—some I like (Morton Feldman’s Neither, for instance), but, in general, operatic vibrato tends to send my mind into a semi-schizophrenic state, seriously (oh, the price we pay for color!)—which is why I have rightly abstained from opera meta-criticism. Until today, sort of.

Surfing the newspapers, while eating my breakfast of champions (Coke, Doritos and Goobers), I was drawn to a particular picture that accompanied an article about opera ticket prices.

I thought it would be fun for you Detritus folk to meet the characters of this opera.

He-man, as Hunding.

Creepy Mel Gibson Scots, as Die Walküre

And Clifton Forbis, as the Michael Jackson “Black or White” morphing face, not quite He-man, yet not quite Scot.


I’d like to think that someone working with the Metropolitan Opera’s costume designers would have caught the humorous resemblance.



Sator Arepo said...

By the power of Greyskull, the Ring must not fall into the hands of Sauron.

Wait, what? Skeletor? Tolkein? Valkyries?


I'm so confused.

Anonymous said...

I daresay there will be open revolts against King Randall and Queen Marlena.

Where is Man-E-Faces when you need him?

Empiricus said...

Or: Every opera staging dies, not every opera staging really lives.

Matthew said...

Given the Siegfried, I'd guess that Wotan looks like the Burger King.

(Coke, Doritos and Goobers)

In the same bowl? I thought I was culinarily adventurous.