A Little Night Probing with a Knotty Schoenberg

In Sator Arepo’s recent post, Bernard Holland suggests that George Pearle’s music is like something from outer space. I’m not so sure that Bernard isn’t on to something.

We all know that Schoenberg’s Violin Concerto

usually comes off as an icy monolith of modernism.


Who then could possibly untangle Schoenberg’s spaceman-like naughty knots?

Who could bring out his latent, other-worldly romanticism?

Who could beam 30 fiendishly difficult, atonal minutes down into 12-tone ribbons of lyrical melody?

I think it’s clear. Thank you Mr. Holland.

The answer?


Shhhh. They might be listening, waiting to take over the world, or subliminally supplying us with bad writing about Schoenberg.

I know who can do this. But you have to keep it to yourself, in case you get probed. Just be quiet.




Aliens, who look like us. (artist's rendering)


Here’s one of them.


And another. They can look like music critics from the Detroit Free-Press, too.

Now that you know, here's Schoenberg.


Empiricus said...

If my point isn't clear enough, all I'm saying is that Stryker paints Schoenberg as, well, terrible, and only Hahn could turn it into something worth listening to.

The review is positive, for Hahn, but not for Schoenberg.

And, by the way, I still don't like that picture of Hahn.

Sator Arepo said...

Alien pictures are fun to look at.

Empiricus said...

Sorry for the esoteric polemics. Still, I defend my beef, like Dirk Diggler his talent.

Murderface said...

"Probing the Knotty Schoenberg" is the name of my new avant-garde homage to "Blister in the Sun."

Aaron said...

FWIW, I bet Hahn doesn't like that picture of Hahn, either.