The Swed Treatment: A Mad Lib

On the bright side, this paints a vivid picture. Only, it’s of a sleezy motel somewhere on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

Rearrange the extracted Mark Swed modifiers into their proper place, if any.

Highly charged
Wide screen

After intermission, Berlioz got the _______, _______, _______ Dudamel treatment—a(n) _______, _______ “Symphony Fantastique.” Berlioz portrays _______ dreams and nightmares. Dudamel added _______, _______ and _______ sound in a(n) _______ performance that underscored absolutely everything he could possibly underscore.

Here’s the answer.

Also, apparently, Gustavo Dudamel drips color. Gross.


Aaron said...

"After intermission, Berlioz got the Fabulous, Technicolor, Dripping-with-color Dudamel treatment—a(n) Highly charged, Full “Symphony Fantastique.” Berlioz portrays In-your-face dreams and nightmares. Dudamel added Avid, Multichannel and Wide screen sound in a(n) Drug-induced performance that underscored absolutely everything he could possibly underscore."

I'd also like to point out that if you "underscore absolutely everything you could possibly underscore" the added emphasis that's the point of underscoring in the first place is lost, which seems like the kind of thing a "dripping-with-color" performance like this one would avoid.

Aaron said...

Oh, and one more thing:

"But the Venezuelan also turned up the heat, attacking every passage with passion, demonstrating just how much fun he can find in complicated modern scores."

Stay classy, LA Times!

Murderface said...

Swed clearly knows about your blog and your Mad Lib schtick and is just fucking with you.

Honestly, that's the best possible explanation.