Composer of the Day!

Today's Composer of the Day is Luigi Dallapiccola!


Dallapiccola was born in Istria, an Italian part of the Austro-Hungarian empire (modern-day Croatia). He later decided to be Italian. Go figure.

Initially influenced by Wagner, and later, Debussy, Dallapiccola eventually adopted (slowly and uniquely) the 12-tone method of Schoenberg and Webern, and, perhaps most influentially, Berg.

He developed a lyrical version of the serial method, influenced also by ancient composers' techniques (such as Gesualdo). I recommend the Quaderno Musicale he wrote for his 8-year old daughter.

Dallapiccola was also notably anti-Fascist. He was, in fact, forced into hiding during World War II due to his political views, and the fact that his wife was Jewish.


Some people like atonal music!

To wit: a recent French production of his opera Il Prigioniero, a meditation on contemporary Fascism and freedom vis-a-vis an analogy with the Spanish Inquisition.

Here is the only link I could find for you to listen to his music (YouTube being curiously silent on Dallapiccola!).

You should, uh, listen to his music.


Empiricus said...

Ridiculously fun picture to look at!

Anonymous said...

Dallapiccola kicks ass! A composer fantastique!

And don't stop with Il Prigioniero, Volo di Notte and An Mathilde are two of the best vocal works of the 20th century (the first an opera, the latter for soprano and orchestra). And I've heard that Ulisse (an opera late in his life) is a true masterpiece, although, I've never had the pleasure to hear it myself.

I do love me some Dallapiccola.

Well done, SA.

Sator Arepo said...

Still haven't heard Ulisse either, hoping to do so soon.

Bad-ass motherfucker, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes! Il Progioniero goes way back for Gustav and me. Good times.

Hooray for posts that add nothing to the conversation!