It's very easy to criticize...And it's fun, too!

Everyone knows that classical music attained perfection in 1873.  It's a scientific fact.  Why people persist in expressing independent thoughts about music after then is beyond me.  

Ken Keaton, Palm Beach Daily News, Feb. 20, 2013

That's too bad.  Unispired programming, less than perfect performances...I wonder who or what might be to blame?

In 1918, Arnold Schoenberg...

Wait.  That Arnold Schoenberg?

...(yes, that Arnold Schoenberg)…


…founded the Society for Private Musical Performances in Vienna.

This is true. 

His purpose was to present modern music to small audiences in a chamber setting, and often he or his students would arrange larger orchestral works for a chamber ensemble.

I can see now why you mention Schoenberg's society. Chamber ensembles in chamber settings?  Bor-ing.

He believed that hearing the notes in a more transparent setting would make the music easier to understand.

Okay, that sounds like an interesting premise. So...?

Though Schoenberg is best known for breaking the tonal system…

Well, crap.  I can't afford a new tonal system. 

…by creating a new musical language, his efforts were not limited to the most avant-garde works.

Oh, inherent bias, where would we be without you?