Craigslist: Gusman Hall Area, FL

For sale: A nicely performed Schubert. Only 201 years-old! Sorry, no longer under factory warranty.

Written in the last year of Schubert's short life -- the composer died at 31 -- the [Piano Sonata in B flat, D. 960] carries a firm sense of autobiography...

Autobiography actually lost in house fire, around 1885 (?). All other documentation lost as well. But take it from an experienced musician who has owned this magnificent piece for over 30 years!

May contain structural redundancy:

[Pianist Radu] Lupu's explosive minor-key outbursts showed that there is no victory to be found beneath the work's surface superficialities.

Otherwise in near mint condition. Has been played on a Steinway from the best years (mid-1920s).

A one of a kind piece, adorned with many colorful adjectives!

...its main theme's progress continually undermined by malign bass trills and harmonic displacement.


...the works' improvisatory qualities with their dynamic jolts and hectic humor.

Recently inspected by the Miami Herald. Selling for $12,500 (appraised at $15,000) OBO. You won’t be disappointed! Take it for a test drive, here, here, here, here, and here.

Scammers not welcome.


Gustav said...

...explosive minor-key outbursts...

I do hope he can find a cure for that.

Fred said...

I'm glad he keeps his superficialities right there on the surface. I hate having to dig deep for them.