Absence Excuse

Hello readers,

Sator Arepo has been and will be ill for a few weeks. Thanks to Big E. for keeping it fresh. I'll be back as soon as possible with lots to say.



Gustav said...

Feel better soon, SA!

Anonymous said...

Second that, buddy. Hope you get well soon!


Strini said...

Too ill to blog? Man, that's ill. Get well soon.

When you're off the DL and the DR is back in the game, I'd like to do an item about it in my own new blog. (www.jsonline.com/blogs/oldsonganddance)
Up for that? No hard feelings if you're not. I'll check back here,or if you prefer you can email me: tstrini@journalsentinel.com.


Matthew said...

I also second Gustav on feeling better. A reasonably pretty girl, in an ill state at the time, once responded favorably to my wish to "feel better" as opposed to the usual condolences, &c.. So you can file that preference appropriately if you tend to be attracted to more practical exemplars of your preferred gender.

Sator Arepo said...


We make no money or fame or anything from this so it's OK with me if it's OK with E.

And thanks, all. Back home now with precious internet access.

/drools on self