Dear Cleveland Plain Dealer,

...and a delicately spoken FU, by Tim Smith, on the "reassignment" of critic Don Rosenberg of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

I first heard about it today on KQED (NPR), which is definitely an out-of-the-way tidbit for them to run on-air. Also, according to KQED, the Plain Dealer is expecting layoffs in the near future.

(Again, painting by Jana Bartouskova)

P.S. I never read the Plain Dealer because it is horribly unnavigable.


Gustav said...

Heard this story, too. Sounds a lot like negative reviews got this guy reassigned. I love independent press unfettered by anything but a dedication to honest, truthful reporting.

Reminds me a bit of the Chicago Cubs and the issue with the broadcast announcers Chip Caray and Steve Stone a few years back. Well, like usual, the Cubs were sucking it up something awful that year. And during the summer, they were in a stretch of particular awfulness, and Steve Stone said something to the effect that "it looks like the players are phoning it in". So on and so forth. Dusty Baker then decided to publicly lash out at the announcers, blamed them for the team losing, banned them from the clubhouse, the team plane, etc. So, the team fired the announcers. Awesome.

Oh, BTW, fuck the Cubs. Go whoever's playing them.

Mr. Trend said...

Yeah, pretty ugly, particularly given that many people seemed to agree with Rosenberg (I haven't seen the CSO in several years, so I can't attest to it). I guess the Cleveland Plain Dealer is just being sensitive about cultural landmarks in Cleveland - they don't have much (excepting, of course, the Indians). Still, it's pretty inexcusable of the paper, and hopefully, the orchestra will ask for Rosenberg to get his position back (though it may not).