Composer of the Day!

Today's Composer of the Day! is Horatiu Radulescu. (1942-2008)

(Apologies for the lack of diacritical marks.)

Radulescu (who died last week) was a Romanian-born composer with ties both to Paris and the Darmstadt school.

His sort of mystical, spectralist approach was distinct from his contemporaries Grise and Murail, but was related in that he was interested in innovative scales and sonorities.

He was also interested in Bhuddism and Romanian folk music. This varied and fascinating confluence of influences made for an unique style of compositions.

Here is some of his music:

You should listen to his music.


Empiricus said...

That piece was absolutely dangerous. Nothing like the possibility of utter failure by asking a performer to try to get a particular sound whilst fully aware that that sound is difficult to get, yet aesthetically welcoming potential imperfection. Props to the performer, too.

I hope, in a morbid sort of way, that his death invigorates his presence in the states. I think he is too rarely performed over this way.