Not Very Interesting

Kyle MacMillan treats us to something “interesting”:

[Dawn] Upshaw has focused on making interesting music.

Ha ha! I made a funny! "Interesting” is the word I use to tell composers what I thought of their music when I don’t like it. Then I try to go into detail about how it sparked some faux “interest.” Works every time. Everyone does it, often without the composer being the wiser. Point being, “interesting” doesn’t tell me much.

She has gamely delved into unusual repertoire...

I love this interesting woman!

...and become something of a muse for several of today's leading composers, including John Adams, Osvaldo Golijov and Kaija Saariaho.

Wow (unenthusiastically). Those composers are VERY unusual (with the greatest amount of sarcasm one insignificant, puny, diminutive "person" on this great planet can muster, and then some.) Puke.


Sator Arepo said...

Bad article or not, Dawn Upshaw is pretty rad.

That's all I got for now, it's like 5 AM,

Lisa Hirsch said...

Gamely. Oh god. Somebody didn't read her bio first, eh? You get MacArthur Fellowships for being the best and passionate about something, not for "gamely" giving it a try.