Specificity Required

Let’s try a bit of deductive reasoning to identify this enigma, this mysterious “Allegro,” to which Sabine Kortels of the Denver Posts refers.

Closing the delightful, well-paced program with flair and finesse, Spivakov led the [Moscow Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra] in a light, breezy reading of Mozart's brief "Allegro."

Okay, the facts. It's a piece by Mozart. Allegro means fast. It was written for orchestra, presumably without a soloist. It is brief. It is, loosely, “light” and “breezy.”

All we have to do now is find a list of Mozart’s works and start to rule out pieces that don’t fit the facts.



I wonder if I can include the allegro movements from his symphonies? How ‘bout another list?

List 2


Dammit! I give up. Sabine, please just give us the Köchel Number, or some other identifier.


Gustav said...

Man, Sabine really wants to make us work...

Haydn wrote two keyboard concertos in D (luckily THE Michael Haydn never finished a piano concerto, leaving an unfinished one in F, I think).

Then its two unnamed Piazzolla tangos. However, in defense, does it really matter which ones?

Then there's the "palette-cleansing" "Aria" by Friedrich Gulda. Who? Really, is it just called aria? Did Gulda just finish his freshman year in composition at Arizona State? And to borrow some snarkiness from the Detritus brotherhood, what the fuck does "palette-cleansing" mean? I hope it means to get the nasty taste of Piazzolla out of our mouths.

Then it's Verklarte Nacht where we are informed that it's inspired by Richard Dehmel's poetry--name of poem? Please? Maybe I'd like to read it? Fuck it.

And lastly, the unnamed Mozart "Allegro". I'm going to guess that it's the Allegro from the Divertimento in F "Lodron", K. 247. I'm right aren't I?

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Aaron said...

You know what else is good?

Beethoven's Largo.


AnthonyS said...

I like that one piece, by that one composer. I think it's called "quarter note equals 108" or something.

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Murderface said...

I like the allegro with the violin (or was it multiple violins?) the bestest

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