This Guy was the President of the Music Critics' Association of North America

And this is the most patronizing description of music I’ve ever encountered.

....diddle-diddle minimalism...

Let’s just file that under F, for fucking-fiddly-diddly-dumb.

Here’s the author and his article. Here's some diddle-diddles.

Have a nice day.


AnthonyS said...

I think he was just saying that because "Nixon in China" is merely an allegorical retelling of Jesus's parable about the cat and the fiddle (delivered on the Mount of Olives in the merry, merry month of May).


And now for a cheer:

Cantrell, Cantrell, if he's a writer, we can't tell! Cantrell, Cantrell, wooohooo CANTRELL!

- AS (currently in drink 'till you aren't worried about your dissertation being due in 2 weeks mode)

Empiricus said...

Good luck. With the drinking.