Composer of the Day!

Today's Composer of the Day! is Johann Joachim Quantz.


Quantz was a very famous flute player, composer, writer, and teacher. He was so famous that Frederick the Great, king of Prussia, hired him to be the king's personal flute teacher and composer.

Quantz was the foremost flute player of his day in Europe. He also made flutes! Frederick kept giving them away, though, so he had to make more.

His extant compositions number over 300. Many have never been published. Flute players, unsurprisingly, are usually familiar with his work.

Quantz' essay on flute playing (1752) is still in print. His exercises for the instrument are likewise still used today.

Quantz' flutes ("German" or "transverse") were something between modern flutes and the Baroque recorder. Here are some modern flutes that are fun to look at.

Here and here and here are some Quantz for you to sample. Here is a picture of some sheet music that is not fun to look at.

You should listen to his music. Especially if you play the flute.


Anonymous said...

Huh? Quantz? Really? Him?

Sator Arepo said...

Why not? The picture was fun to look at! Plus his name starts with "Q".

Anonymous said...

When I want me some saucy, German flute-playing composing, I open up a forty of Cannabich. Christian Cannabich.

As Mozart, the Mozart, wrote of Cannabich to his father, "He is the best music director I have ever seen, and has the love and awe of all under him". Ye-ahh, boy-ee.

Ooh. Snap.

Anonymous said...

I fucking hate Quantz. Probably because I'm married to a flute player.

Murderface said...

+1 to AnthonyS for the best use of vulgarity on this site to date.