From the Dallas Morning News, this caught my attention. First, because Schütz, while awesome is seldom performed. Lent or whatever, I guess. But then the awesomeness that is Scott Cantrell’s prose...no verb suffices.

All right, I've gone and done it, done my Lenten penance, mortified my flesh and, in one brief hour, washed away my sins.

You…you’ve…been absolved? What? The hour was brief?

It happened during Saturday night's performance of Heinrich Schütz' Passion According to St. Matthew.

Schütz washed away your sins? Good, I guess… So, you liked it? You didn’t like it?

After this hour of musical water-boarding, administered by the Dallas Bach Society, the fires of hell hold no terrors.

Holy fuck!

“Musical water-boarding”?

You’ve just compared doing your job, which is, for some reason I cannot comprehend, sitting and listening to music (and later writing dubiously about it), to being tortured. Wow.

Now, I’m as non-PC as the next guy. If you had written this a decade ago, it might have passed as mere hyperbole.

However, given the current topical nature of torture, and waterboarding in particular, that is fucking rude as hell. Yesterday, YESTERDAY, our president vetoed a bill making this particular form of torture illegal.

This is in such incredibly poor fucking taste that I am totally at a loss.

Congratulations, Cantrell. You’ve rendered me speechless.


AnthonyS said...

Yeah, that kind of sucks.

I do remember a certain friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) that really, really wanted to smuggle a bucket of fried chicken into the LA Phil's performance of St. Matthew's Passion...

It is fucking long; at the 2 hour mark, I really, really wanted some chicken.

Sator Arepo said...

Point taken, but:

It does not seem to me that the length was his objection. He calls it "one short hour".