Metapost: You May Find Yourself Living in a Shotgun Shack

Tucked away as we are in our little alcove of the internet (in the basement at the corner of Classical Music Street and Copious Profanity Avenue), it’s hard to imagine someone stumbling upon the Detritus Review by accident.

Or is it? [dun dun dun!]

The following is a sampling of Google searches that led people to Our Humble Blog in the past week:

“favorite rhetorician”

I’m going to go ahead and assert that if you have to ask Google who your favorite rhetorician is, you don’t have one.

“composers with schizophrenia”

Someone’s either writing a research paper or has a seriously niche fetish.

“what italian word means joke”

The word you're looking for is tedesco.

“Schoenberg sucks”

You don’t have to tell me that. Idiot. Good thing that’s one of our tags.

“That’s like asking the square root of a million; no one will ever know”

Translation: we use far, far too many Simpsons references.

“user friendly hyphenated”

You’re doing it wrong.

“empiricus wow”

Uh, World of Warcraft, I assume. Either that or someone’s finally found E’s Wombat on Wombat slash fiction.

Figure 1: The Common Wombat.

Figure 2: Obligitory Simpsons reference/World of Warcraft joke.

"brahms with wrong notes"schoenberg"

Here’s a handy tip: the space bar is the really big one in the middle of the keyboard at the bottom.

“worst joke in the world”

Sorry, Bernard Holland retired. Next?

"Ginastera Impressiones de la pluna"

This is impressive because few people know about Ginastera's piano meditations on Uruguay's national airline.

“Classical music is boring”

Well, obviously...

And the Number One Most Excellent Google Search That Led to the Detritus Review Last Week:

“dangerous dingdong”


Thanks, anonymous Google searcher! You just invented me a sweet new tag.


Empiricus said...

I'm pretty sure that "Schoenberg sucks" is our most popular search term.

That just proves our point about critics' responsibility to, you know, know things before they say stuff.

Gustav said...

We are indeed into obscure prog-rock lyric references, aren't we?

Sator Arepo said...

Does that even count as obscure?

The idea was "How did I get here?"

I dunno.

Gustav said...

I think any reference to Brian Eno circa early 1980s on a classical music blog can safely be considered obscure. However, this is in no way a bad thing.

Tom Strini said...

Thanks a lot, SA. Now I'll have nightmares about wombats getting in my face.