Friday Quickie: Memo to Gary Panetta

Recently, I wrote about an editorial by Gary Panetta, of the Peoria Journal Star, where he lamented the lack of new music accessible to the masses.

Accordingly, I'd like to help Mr. Panetta on this matter to find new composers writing new music for the NPR/PBSers out there.

I think the title of this article says it all:

Pulitzer winner writes music the masses can appreciate

Here you go, Mr. Panetta. Not just any composer writing music for the masses, but Pulitzer Prize winner, Ellen Taaffe Zwilich (America's preeminent Floridian composer)!

figure ellen: Ellen Taaffe Zwilich looking a little like Meredith Baxter.

A couple of highlights from the interview:

"I remember the days in which (writing accessible music) was an insult, and I have been targeted for that. OK, what is the opposite? Inaccessible? Unapproachable? There's a barrier between you and it? All great music, to me, is accessible," she says. "There has to be something that stirs your whole humanity. To me, music is about your soul, your emotions, your brains, and your body - everything that pulls together into one art form."


"Part of it has to do with my feelings about the composer's place in society, so to speak. We don't belong in an ivory tower. I think we belong in the public and with musicians."

So, there's at least one composer out there for you.

figure ellen and company: Ellen Taaffe Zwilich with fellow new composers, although of decidedly inaccessible, unapproachable music, Charles Wuroinen (sporting very manly facial hair), Milton Babbitt (short old dude), Yehudi Wyner (the Jewish one), Ellen Taaffe Zwilich and some other guy.


Sator Arepo said...

Is there a non-Jewish Yehudi Wyner from which you're differentiating?

Gustav said...

Max Bruch?

AnthonyS said...

Meredith Baxter. That's worth 2 points, to be sure.