Food Metaphors, Modern Music, and a Side of Redundancy

For the food metaphors, we have only to look at the title and its subordinate:

Bread, butter, with a side of surprise

How delightfully wordplayee!

In big season finale, Philharmonic leaves audience hungry for more

Squeee! I can never have too many food metaphors.


For the modern music, we need to take the Delorian for a ride.

“La Creation du Monde [sic],” composed in 1923 by Darius Milhaud, is a jazz-influenced ballet in six parts, inspired by the Parisian composer’s strolls in New York’s Harlem in the 1920s.

Also, badass punk rockers have no need for acute accents.

I may be giving music director Itkin too much credit, but programming the Milhaud seemed like the conductor’s punk-rock move, signalling to the audience: “Don’t get too comfortable.”

Anarchy in Sugar Hill!


And for the redundancy, behold:

And then the main event, the robust men robustly echoing and volleying with the clarion women in the resounding variations, building to the cathartic, celestial “Ode to Joy,”

...wait for it...

which evoked a surge of joy [...]

It’s good to be back, Detritusites! Stay tuned for more regular postings.


Fred said...

This reminds me of something I read back when I was a buyer for one of the big record stores that's not around anymore. There was a small distributor, which I will bless with anonymity even though I don't think they are around anymore either, whose new release books featured much overwrought writing and unnecessary quotation "marks". A disc featuring Milhaud or another of his peers was said to showcase "the jazz influence that literally rained down on Paris in the 20's". This of course set of a competition among those working that night to come up with an example of something as intangible as "influence" "literally raining down" on anything. The winner: "The midwest's indifference to clean energy literally rains down on New England".

Sator Arepo said...

I like sports highlights.

"They literally exploded for 11 runs!"

Do what now? Ick!

AnthonyS said...

The idea that an 86 year old piece is a punk rock move is hilarious. This is not really a criticism of the writer, but of the prevailing attitudes of regional orchestras / audiences. Unfortunately, regional orchestras are at a much higher risk of implosion these days, so the bread and butter programming is probably going to be a staple for a few years.

Sator Arepo said...


Some regional orchestras are doing pretty well--sometimes they have less financial baggage/obligations than the big old Established Orchestras.

Plus, some of them are getting more adventurous with the programming--I have been looking at reviews about this, and have another one coming up.