What Does It Mean?

All apologies, but indignation follows. I don't blame Mallary Jean Tenore, it's not her fault. The problem is the...I guess...symptoms of decline of music/arts in this country.

Although the Texas Ballet Theater received a long-term $500,000 pledge Thursday morning, it is still planning to use recorded music for the 2008-09 season.

Mohtherfucker, what?

I found this perusing the news. You got...half a million dollars and are firing all your...musicians?

The dance company's decision, which is part of its emergency efforts to conserve funds and raise at least $2 million by mid-September, came as a surprise to the Dallas Opera Orchestra and the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. Both orchestras were scheduled to perform live music for dance performances.

I bet it came as a fucking surprise. All of those people who play instruments for a living were, I reckon, fucking surprised!

"We're going to have to work with them to see what this means," said Jennifer Schuder, director of marketing at the Dallas Opera Orchestra.

What does it mean!? Seriously? I can tell you what it means, dumbshit. It means hardworking, underpaid musicians are out of a gig.

Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra leaders did not return phone calls seeking comment.

Well, it's hardly their fault.

Using recorded music instead of paying both orchestras for live music is a necessary step toward helping the company raise $500,000 in cash and an additional $1.5 million in pledges within the next three weeks, said Margo McCann, the dance company's interim managing director.

The $500,000 pledge that the company received Thursday is to be paid over the next five years. Ms. McCann declined to name the donor.

Is this what we've come to? (Or: to what we've come?) Your ballet company gets a huge grant and you decide to go with recorded music?

Shit, people.


AnthonyS said...

According to their 2006 990, the Texas Ballet Theater spent $417,267 hiring the FW Symphony and $220,161 on the Dallas Opera Orchestra.

That's the last year info was available; $500,000 would sure pay for a good chunk, though, even in 2008/09.

They also financed the artistic director's house. Weird, huh?

Empiricus said...

I guess, to be fair, it is supposed to be payed over the next five years. But, geesh. You think there's some missing info or what?