After some careful (read hasty) thought about our neon pear and grape themed blog, we finally decided to look after your eyes' health. If y'all have any further suggestions concerning what we might be able to improve (other than our maturity levels), please feel free to comment or drop us an email.

We DO intend to continue posting while these renovations happen, so check back often. Other than that, just please be patient while we update our archives.

And a fuzzy photo of composer Wolfgang Rihm either napping or in the throes of exultation.


AnthonyS said...

I kind of liked the GrapeNutes and Pastel Sheep color scheme. But this is nice, too. Though, some of the older posts have font colors that have been rendered illegible by the scheme change.

(Particularly one of my favs, 3/27/08, Mr. Wooden Shoes).

AnthonyS said...

And, isn't the picture at the top of the kid who played Eddie on "The Munsters"?

Sator Arepo said...


Empiricus said...

Yeah. We're on it. The lame thing about how we "color" the quotes means that they won't automatically change by switching templates. So bit by bit and piece by piece, we have to change them by hand, as it were. It'll get done, though, as will your fav Mr. Shoes post.

Any thoughts, so far, about the text colors? Do they work? (If you scroll down to "Keyboard Stroke?" you'll see the secondary reference color. Does that work?) It would be nice if we never had to change them again.

Anyone with have any info? Are ya'll using Macs or PCs?

Aaron said...

I'm using a PC, and I like the new look. Although it's quite a change, I tell you what.

Also, in your "About the Detritus Review" section, you repeat "in word form." I assume it's an intentional joke that I'm not getting, but on the off chance it's not... you're doing that.

Keep up the good work!

anzu said...

Wow. You did a complete 180 and went to the complete other end of the color spectrum. Actually, I like the subdued look (though it'll take me a while to adjust to the white), even though I have no idea what kids with typewriters have anything to do with music, but it gives it a sort of nice retro look. (Btw, greyish font on B&W photography is a bit hard to read, but if you're going for that more blended not-in-your-face look, it's ok.)

Also, as someone who has complained about your previous font color choices, the red vs. black makes it much easier to distinguish between the badly written review and your snarky comments. :)

anzu said...

Actually, one obnoxious comment that you can feel free to ignore (I'm just presenting it, since you said anything other than comments on your maturity level is game. :))- I despise Times New Roman font (though I use it at work). It is an absolutely horrible font and offends my aesthetic sensibilities. I could've sworn you were using a much more aesthetically pleasing font before, though I can't recall for sure.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Fellas, THIS IS GREAT. Thank you.

Anzu, the old font was tiny and sans serif. I use Palatino or Georgia whenever I can, myself, but am fine with Times New Roman.

Empiricus said...

Thanks for the feedback y'all.

But, really, is Wolfgang napping or is he in the throes of exultation? It's hard to tell.

Sator Arepo said...

This was actually E's idea and I was sort of again' it (I love me some black background), but I have to admit it's much easier to read. The creepy typewriter children are confusing but a nice touch.

And, to reiterate, thanks for the feedback.