Boston Herald writer shoots editor in the face, then publishes article.

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Hurricane Gustavo rocks MIT Symphony Orchestra

Can conductors really be compared to hurricanes? He's conducting Mozart and Rimsky-Korsakov's tame Capriccio Espagnol...a hurricane might be stretching the credulity of this hyperbole. This seems more like a low pressure area creating some morning fog and slight chance of rain.


At a time when the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s conductors are ailing or injured,...

Much like a certain Boston area bases ball team...

figure what $13 million buys you: .158/.238/.289

...the energetic Gustavo Dudamel, the toast of Caracas and the current music director of the Gustavo Dudamel conducting, Friday evening at Kresge Auditorium.

Gustavo Dudamel, current music director of the Gustavo Dudamel conducting.

Yep. Got it.

Los Angeles Philharmonic, jetted into town this weekend to scoop up $75,000 and impart his wisdom on student musicians.

I love that you've masculinized the LA Phil. You just don't get enough of that subtle sexism in modern newspapers anymore.

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Sator Arepo said...

Well. Red Sox insults aside,

Dudamel has been something of a metaphorical hurricane in L.A., but your point is taken.

However, I was not aware that he had clumsily re-named the L.A. Phil after himself.

Also, I kind of think that the phrase "impart his wisdom" takes the preposition "to".

"Oh, crap! He's getting his wisdom on me!"