Enjoy Your Symptoms, America!

We’re a little late on this one, but if you haven’t heard, the Miami Herald had to navigate a 17% cutback. And, as usual, classical music is the first to take one in the ass. Critic Lawrence A. Johnson has been offered an involuntary buyout, which he accepted, or, as Musical America noted, was forced to accept.

I know we’ve had our differences with Lawrence at times, but we still love him. So, on behalf of The Detritus Review:

Stop making us wash your dirty underwear, newspaper higher-ups! You don’t deserve our arts, anyway.

According to Musical America, both the KC Star (Paul Horsley) and the Herald are owned by the same parent company, McClatchy Co., who is trying to offset the vast debt incurred from its purchase of the media conglomerate Knight Ridder (terrible name, by the way).

And as we have said too often before: Good luck in the blogosphere! Lawrence, as a parting/welcoming gift: a way for everyone to find your new blog, South Florida Classical Review, from us.

(Upset With Undewear by Jana Bartouskova)


Aaron said...

Knight Ridder may be a terrible name, but the company car is bitchin'.

Murderface said...

Knight Ridder is only one letter away from being an awesome name.

Sator Arepo said...

The Right Says:

Competition is Good! So we'll let all the newspapers consolidate and buy one another. Regulation is bad!

Wait, what the fuck?

Sator Arepo said...

Needs "Zizek" tag.

Empiricus said...

Almost forgot, thanks.

...and fixed.