Friday Quickie: News You Can Use

Critic's Pick
Jeremy Eichler, Boston Globe, 10/10/2010

-Boston Symphony Orchestra


In other news, if you want to see a football game in Pittsburgh, try the Steelers!

Also recommended: a great way to cure hunger is eating!

Ah, Eichler. We kid because we love.

Figure 1: I mean: Come. On.


Danny Liss said...

The worst part of those is that they don't show up in my feed reader until Saturday or Sunday (or sometimes even Monday), so on the rare occasions he does post something interesting that I didn't know about, I don't see it until after the concert. (I realize that that's the Glob's fault rather than his.)

Sator Arepo said...

Heh. "The Glob." Freudian slip something something.