The Worst Joke Ever?

Wrapping up a puff piece about the Moab Music Festival and its sometimes amusing outdoor intrusions...

Moab's picturesque backdrop sometimes provides a touch of the unexpected. [Festival co-founder Leslie] Tomkins recalled a canyon wren that liked to sing along with a Bach cantata.

...provides the perfect setup for what has got to be one of the worst jokes ever.

This year, she expects nothing less when Schubert's "hilariously appropriate" "Trout" Quintet [...] is performed...

You can just feel the ink itching. Can’t you?

...along the banks of the Colorado River.

Tee hee! Yet one bad joke is trumped by another even worse one. The author’s calculated delay of dénouement is perfectly coordinated to be excruciatingly aggravating.


Joke-interrupting intemezzo!

Hooray! The Detritus Review has just expanded its line of quality products! Sator Arepo and I are happy to introduce to you yet one more cynical voice to the world of music meta-criticism: the lovely and talented Gustav!

Figure 2. Gratuitous symbol of change

Also, we’ve reorganized some things, but nothing to concern yourselves with. Soon, however, we are planning to overhaul our links, making sure to include even more Detritus—something we’ve sorely neglected over the past few months. Stay tuned!


So how’d that all pan out, with the “hilariously appropriate” “Trout” and river performance?

Maybe the string players will use fishing poles instead of bows. [fin]

Graph 1. Showing bewilderment to laugh ratio as it approaches infinity


Sator Arepo said...

Santa sure looks funny in that picture!