Sic and Ye Shall Find

Yes. My title sucks, but at least it’s appropriate as well shall see.

Today we have a refreshingly well-crafted review by a self-proclaimed neophyte, named Strings, who tries her/his best to promote the joys of the orchestral experience. It seems the local Fort Wayne Philharmonic can be a delight for the uninitiated.

[The solo cellist] literally freaked me out in places where she simultaneously plucked strings on the cello at the same time she was playing other strings with her bow—frighteningly great!


But, again, the only thing that really matters is that it was incredibly pleasing to the ears.

Simple, naïve: sure. Yet, there is a genuine enthusiasm to Strings’ assessment that I appreciate.

Unfortunately, I don’t appreciate today’s over-reliance on spell checkers:

By the way, on you’re first trip to the philharmonic...



AnthonyS said...

I'm not sure what a literal freak out looks like, but it sounds like a bad thing to have happen to you at a concert.