Missing Persons

Where in the world is St. Louis Post-Dispatch critic Sarah Bryan Miller? STLtoday.com is of absolutely no help. (click to enlarge)

I haven’t seen her for about...I don’t know...a month or so. All traces of her presence have been eliminated. Seriously. Does anyone know if her secret island vacation spot was blown asunder by a once-thought-to-be-
dormant-but-not-so-much-anymore volcano? Did she manage to escape only to find herself abducted by a band of Filipino pirates in desperate need of English tutors? Where’d she go? Any information leading to her safe return will be greatly appreciated.

Otherwise, I might have to pull out my favorite painting. I hope not.

[Edit 7/29/08] Well that was a bit embarassing. If you haven't already read the comments, anonymous informed me, well reminded me, that I can be dyslexic. Apparently, all this time, I've been misspelling Sarah's middle name. It's Bryan, not Byran. So, to correct the situation, I've fixed all the tags and the typos in all the posts that lead to Sarah. Sorry. That's plain dumb.

On a happier or sadder note, when you search for "Sarah BRYAN Miller," one receives the same strange absence of hits. (click to enlarge)

But, you can find her on the "blog"--good luck locating it--which is attached, like an appendage, to STLtoday, which has a ton of advertisements, links to the Post-Dispatch store, the requisite "The Rest is Noise" link (ugh), an ever-fun tag cloud, and the same old yellow Chopin prelude with a big, green "Classical Music" on it.


Anonymous said...

Her name is Sarah Bryan Miller; both articles that you've linked show this. Granted, searching "Sarah Bryan Miller" on STLToday.com doesn't give any hits either, but Google reveals she has this still-active blog, source of the CAR-mi-na entry.

Empiricus said...

Oops. Dyslexia has been known to rear its ugly head from time to time. And the tag is automatic once I get past "sara." Excellent catch, anon.!

...tags fixed.
...typos fixed.

And my apologies Sarah, wherever you are.

Empiricus said...

And sorry, anonymous. I have no monetary reward to offer you. Just a hearty thanks.

Sator Arepo said...

"Paid obituary search"?