Cucumber Trumpet

Take a look at the picture below. Now, I’m all for creative content, but what on Earth could be going through the mind(s) of the STLtoday.com webmaster(s)? Seriously? Say hola to the new Mexican restaurant in Kirkwood? Classical music? Where’s our dear Sarah Bryan Miller? Hello? Anyone there? Music? Classical music? Hello?¿Hola!?

Oh! Silly me. My bad. Half of these are merely the equivalent of a typo, a webmaster typo, if you will. Instead, they were supposed to be filed under “Blender.” Irises are edible. Right?


anzu said...


AnthonyS said...

"Say Hola to the New Mexican Restaurant in Kirkwood"... isn't that a new piece by Harrison Birtwistle?

Empiricus said...

anthonys: congrats on the first humorous Harrison Birtwistle reference on this blog! (party streamers and miscellaneous noise-makers!!) Yeah!