You're Crazy, Man!

Radu Lupu recently performed Schumann’s Piano Concerto with the NY Philharmonic. And Mr. Holland got to tell us about it.

Emphases mine

Unusual was the way the piano part was made to mingle with the orchestra rather than stand out against it. When higher-register melodic lines shifted from the keyboard’s treble keys to the violin sections, Mr. Lupu changed from soloist to accompanist. Lower voices rose out of the bottom and the middle of the piano and became principle players. Again and again one heard a leading man happy to give way to his supporting cast. If Mr. Lupu had been a singer, he would certainly have been a tenor or bass.

I agree. A tenor or a bass.

Besides, those castrati were all primo uomos.


Empiricus said...

Man, this comment thing is kinda rough. You're telling me no person on this good Earth has Googled "primo uomo?" What's wrong with that, especially when we toss around "prima donna" like pennies in a wishing well?

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