Extra! Extra! Glass opera doesn't suck!

David Stabler, of the Oregonian, has written many reviews that I've enjoyed. He's a good writer and has some interesting things to say on occasion. But, where in the world did this come from...?

Portland Opera takes us to hell and back

If you think all Philip Glass music sounds the same – rush-hour traffic for the ear – Portland Opera would like you to meet "Orphée," a French twist on the Orpheus myth.

Okay, a common criticism of Glass...I'd usually let this slide.

Glass' operatic riff opened at the Keller Auditorium on Friday in a stylish production that will almost make you take back those awful things you said about him.

I don't care how good his opera is, I'll never apologize until he apologizes for The Hours! (there's 2 hours I'm never getting back again)

Oh...you mean 'you', as in all of us reading your review. Does Glass' dog crap in all of their yards too?

And really, why bring this up here...? Is common knowledge that everyone dislikes Glass and finds his music awful? Is there some club that I should know about? A support group for those damaged by the music of Philip Glass?

Where are you going with this?

Surprise, surprise, "Orphée" isn't horrible.

That is a...surprise?

It's not wretched or dreary. It's not Novocain. The evening took a while to heat up, but when the visual, musical and dramatic elements came together, it carried an emotional and dramatic charge.

Jebus...tell us what you really think.

The pensive score, shot through with honky tonk bits and seesaw harmonies, kept the ear engaged.

The rest of the article reads fine. So why this, "surprise, surprise, something by Glass doesn't suck" routine?

This attack seems so unprepared and without cause, that I'm really left a bit speechless. Am I missing something, or has the music-loving world just agreed that Glass writes crappy, uninteresting music?

Any thoughts?


Empiricus said...

I don't Sator. I kinda think of Glass as the Cutty Sark of music--not especially tasty, but it'll do in a pinch.

Paul Muller said...

The secret to Glass' success is that he has always ignored his detractors.

He honestly does not care if you listen to his music or not.

Gustav said...

You undoubtably right, Paul. That's probably the key to the success of a lot artists.

Still, I still just can't figure out why Mr. Stabler thinks everyone else hates Philip Glass too, which really is the tone of his article.

Sator Arepo said...

E: you talkin' to me?

Sator Arepo said...

Secondly, acutally:

Conversely, Glass seems to be one of the living composers that people who don't spend a lot of time with contemporary music know about and enjoy.


I think "honky-tonk" should be hyphenated; and if I'm wrong, I further think that I shouldn't be.

Gustav said...

I went through several of my rock history textbooks that I've accumulated over the years (thanks McGraw for 4 editions of the same bad book), and in every instance "honky-tonk" has the hyphen.

Vindication is yours, SA.

Empiricus said...

Don't forget novocaine is spelled with an "e," thus it's not "horrible."

Fred said...

Trust me, Gustav lots and lots of people (like me for one) think Glass' music is horrible, especially in the new music world.

Anonymous said...

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