Old Is the New New?

As a rule of thumb, I blindly support most new music organizations and their endeavors. Take Akron’s Tuesday Musical Association, for instance:

Tuesday Musical is embracing music made by artists who haven't been dead for more than a century.

...which includes such composers as Saint-Saens, Bruch, Massenet, Sarasate, Fuchs, d’Indy, Janacek, Elgar, Chaminade, Ysaye, Puccini, Mahler, Debussy (who could forget Debussy), Dukas, Busoni, and even Richard Strauss, to name a few.

Hooray, I kinda suppose. Just ask Tuesday Musical’s executive director about the FUZE concert series:

''The target audience is adventurous listeners.”


''What we envisioned was, this series would be presented in an intimate space and what better place than the museum?''

While, yeah, they’re playing newish music, boo, they’re playing it in a museum. Is anyone else’s Irony Meter furiously flashing red?


To their credit, the FUZE concerts sound more hip than Malcolm X Abram's puff piece or I make them out to be.


Anonymous said...

I get your gist, E, but as you can see the Akron Art Museum is definitely a modern art leaning place...art much newer than the music.

Empiricus said...

You're absolutely right. I just thought it was an odd promotion tactic (and write up). It actually sounds like a pretty good series committed to new art and new music.

Anonymous said...

Two tangental questions:

1. Speaking of 'culture' wars, how successful has the government's War on Drugs been?

2. And the D.O.E.-- aren't we at historically low education levels in America? Isn't literacy among H.S. "graduates" at an all time low?

Anonymous said...

Shit, tangental questions was supposed to be for THINKING FOOD. Damn local wine!

But don't forget the progressive Rachmaninoff for composers who haven't been dead for more than a century.

Tom Strini said...

I just heard Rachmaninoff's Symphony No. 3 Sunday. It's really something, and a suburban pickup band played the daylights out of it. I'm looking forward to the Milwaukee SO playing the Symphonic Dances next week. Rach's late work deserves more respect.

Speaking of odd promotion tactics, click on this link:

Anonymous said...

"...three of the best composers since Joachim Raff..."


Anonymous said...

They must put something in the water in Russia:


At times like this, it's best not to reflect on what you were doing at that age.