More Holiday Jocularity

Continuing with the Christmas festivities, here’s a strange little puff piece, of whose 23 paragraphs only eight have more than one sentence.

Seriously. It reads like an outline.

A very bad outline.

Figure 1. Suggestive image

Take a look at what I mean.

The harpist will be Tabitha Reist Steiner, whom [chorale director Charles] Bruffy will put to full use on the program.

End paragraph.

“There is just something about the harp at Christmastime,” he said.

End paragraph.

Begin new paragraph and an entertaining concept concerning the flow of time.

Along with Britten’s 11-movement [Ceremony of Carols], the program courses over centuries.

End yet another paragraph.

But more importantly, when he says that, “the program courses over the centuries,” I, you know, kinda expect to hear about—how do you say?—music composed in bygone centuries.

Begin new paragraph.

Steven Paulus’ “Three Nativity Carols,” based on medieval sources, is one of several additional pieces accompanied by the harp on the holiday concert.

End paragraph.

“Medieval sources” is almost like coursing through the centuries. I suppose it’s also possible that Stephen Paulus was born in the twelfth century—his website doesn’t say.

Begin new paragraph.


Gustav said...

is one of several additional pieces accompanied by the harp...

The word additional seems a bit unnecessarily additional in this sentence.

End paragraph...coursing over the centuries and such.

My name is Damain. said...

Haha! A friend of mine, coursing through some interweb past, found this site and shared it with me. I was such a dumb writer back then, who knew nothing about everything. And, I couldn't agree more, it was a horrible outline. Hahaha!