A Question

Quickie post; but can someone tell me what the hell this means?

Not all luxury dissolved in the atmosphere.

Read it in context here.

Did...did some of the luxury dissolve in the atmosphere? How do...does that happen? Is he talking about the fireworks? That's my best (lame) guess.

It still makes no sense to me. Perhaps I'm dense. Perhaps I'm merely drunk. You'll never know.

Okay, I'm not drunk. Yet.


Empiricus said...

I think that he's saying the music was luxurious. And since music is ephemeral, It might dissolve in the atmosphere, to turn a phrase. But the party, as it were, didn't stop there. It overflowed into the tents, with expensive watches (?). Thus, there was more luxury to munch on.

That's my guess.

I found his statement, "it was the greatest of galas," to be somewhat problematic. But that's me.

docker said...

The line refers back to the quote from Alice Goodman's libretto to Nixon In China. Makes perfect sense in the context of discussion the luxury that was probably very undissolved in the tent on Grand Avenue - closed as it was to the masses in their automobiles so that the classes could dine and drink.

That's gotta be the worst picture of Dawn Upshaw ever.

Sator Arepo said...

Ah. Thanks, Docker. I did not get the reference.

Oh, well. Can't win 'em all.

James Joyce something something.

Murderface said...

I though maybe the luxury dissolved elsewhere. In a glass of bromide, perhaps.