"A Flower From The Garden Of Life"

Did you know that Thurland Chattaway wrote his song, “ Can’t You Take It Back And Change It For A Boy?” in 1911? Didn’t think so. That must mean you don't know anything about American music.

Intimidated by the likes of Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms, [English-speaking] classical-music establishments and audiences seem to assume that all things good and great come from the European continent.

Seriously, mentioning Thurland Chattaway probably wouldn’t spark too many conversations.

Both Brits and Americans seem almost apologetic for their native musical heritages.

If, however, Thurland is all you think we think we have, then I think you think you’re still in 1911. Then again, I've never heard of Ives or Irving Berlin. Blecht. BLECHT. BLLEECCHTT.


Gustav said...

Don't quite follow, E. Why are you bringing up Thurland Chattaway...I don't see him mentioned in the article linked?

Although, your point about the strangely ignorant view of classical music since 1900 is alarming. As though John Adams, Copland, Ives, Carter are all novices who never get performed.

PS. And I'm sorry if I ruined anyone's weekend...rained out your vacation, put hours and hours of stupid weather prattle on every station, or interrupted your political convention.

Empiricus said...

Thurland Chattaway is a much nicer way of saying something that I might regret.

Sator Arepo said...

Great. American music does not exist. There goes my degree(s).

Gustav, why do you hate New Orleans so much?

Gustav said...

It's pronounced "Nuhor-lins".